About the Artists

Terry’s primary goal with her work is to connect with you, the viewer, by capturing light and color to create mystery or an evocative tone in a painting or with words.


For over 30 years, Terry has produced these works that also now include jewelry (Woodland Studios) and graphic design (Portfolio). With each tab of the menu, you will be guided through Terry's work in her pursuit of beauty through light and color and, in calligraphy, through the power of words.


In recent years, Terry has partnered with Mary Alice Hostetter in the design and creation of jewelry.  Click on Woodland Studios to view a range of styles in bracelets, earrings, necklaces and hand painted bird houses, painted and constructed for weather conditions.  


Terry invites your inquiries (email). See Upcoming Events for the latest show and find her on Facebook.



Woodland Studios Jewelry Artist, 

Mary Alice Hostetter, along with Terry Coffey,

design and create beaded jewelry with fine metals

and gemstones.  They work together in the construction and

painting of the bird houses.  Mary Alice is also an accomplished writer. 

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